Nostalgia towards Japan

The look of various countries through continuous travel during my young age, made me feel more attractive to Japanese traditions and their environment. Each time I travel, I find myself juxtaposing their environments and atmospheres to Japan's. My artworks, especially Season Flows Flower Blooms (2018), contain a lot of Japanese cultures and transitions, expressing the nostalgia towards Japan. I further expressed its unique atmosphere allowing foreigners to understand Japan.

Fig 1-2. Season Flows Flower Blooms


Natures and Environments

Viewing the sky and nature makes me feel calm. I use to include natures and flowers drawn my artworks, as they each have meanings and beautiful colours. Moreover, I was attending a flower arranging club during my junior high school year. By using them inside my artworks, I want people to feel relaxed or lighthearted.

Fig 3. Season Flows Flower Blooms, Fig 4. Maple at Night


Personal Emotions

I aspire to people who could stick to their thoughts or beliefs since I get anxious easily. Some of my artworks include desires or reactions to personal things. CareFree (2018) is one of the animations created within the concept of jealousy to the cat’s free will. As this is not something I want people to understand, it is more a minor concept to motivate myself.

Fig 5. CareFree